Tag der Lehre: 3. November 2021

TdL 2021

What will university teaching look like after the pandemic? This is the question currently being debated at UZH. The lack of on-site classes since the 2020 Spring Semester and their replacement with online formats...

  • has increased awareness of the benefits and possibilities offered by on-site presence. The university campus, buildings and spaces facilitate not only teaching and learning, but also chance encounters and informal exchanges, and can strengthen social inclusion and a sense of belonging to the university community.
  • has shown that virtual attendance and digital formats do not have the same space and time constraints of on-site teaching and can make teaching and learning more flexible. However, good teaching does not depend primarily on media and technologies. It is therefore important to find out which digital solutions best complement physical classroom teaching.
  • has triggered an increased awareness of university teaching methods among teaching staff and students, thereby creating opportunities for innovation and transformation, both digital and analogue.

The Tag der Lehre 2021 (Day of Excellence in Teaching) gives all those involved and interested in teaching the opportunity to exchange ideas on important questions, such as:

  • What are the specific advantages of on-site or online presence (in relation to different target groups, specialist content, etc.)?
  • Which core teaching processes (knowledge transfer, communication, cooperation, etc.) can take place in either classroom or virtual settings, and how?
  • What do effective blended learning formats and/or synchronous and asynchronous teaching/learning settings look like?
  • How can asynchronous revision phases (self-study) be best organized around attendance phases?
  • What does a contemporary understanding of an “on-site university” look like?
  • And much more...

We are looking forward to seeing you at Tag der Lehre 2021 to shape a creative future for the further development of teaching at UZH.

Dialogue on excellence in teaching

The University of Zurich holds its «Tag der Lehre» – a day dedicated to teaching – every year in the fall semester. The tradition was initiated in 2009 with the purpose of promoting dialogue between students and teachers, and encouraging them to reflect on their teaching and learning practices. The event is designed to enhance the attractiveness of the University of Zurich as an institution of higher learning by underscoring the value it places on excellence in teaching.