Tag der Lehre 2020

TdL 2020

über_morgen | shape the future

How can university teaching enhance skills that are getting more and more important when it comes to participation in society and professional life?

Whoever possesses «Future Skills», should be able to, in today's globalized world and independent of the area of specialization, interact meaningful, make critical decisions, analyze and solve problems and navigate new situations. This has become evident when considering the current unexpected events, e.g. the Corona-crisis, that has drawn upon the digital competences of teachers and students alike. Fortunately the UZH has already been including important future-topics in their institution for many years. This makes it possible for the university to respond to future requirements and demands with diverse programs and interdisciplinary courses that address cross-cutting skills. Beyond that the UZH has been funding innovative teaching projects that among other things gather forward-looking findings through transdisciplinary approaches.

The Tag der Lehre 2020 invited you to get to know these topics, initiatives and projects in more detail and to start a dialogue with its participants. We were considering, with you, which skills should be further developed and how university teaching can be designed using future skills.

Supporting program

Since November 2th 2020, we are introducing selected initiatives and projects from the UZH that shape courses offered within the context of Future Skills and transdisciplinarity, in a virtual gallery (in German) on this site. Get to know the topics, formats, experiences and people that work behind the scenes and be inspired! On top we honored our «Teachers of the Hour» (in German). These are teachers that have transferred their teaching into the digital context exceptionally well during the Corona-crisis in the Spring Semester 2020 and who have been selected through a survey taken by all UZH-students and faculty.

Program 4 November 2020

The morning of the Tag der Lehre was focused on the events that are held by the faculties and institutes (in German).

From 2.00 pm on, our online discussion (in German) about the topic «Future Skills in Teaching» with the participants of the mentioned above initiatives and projects took place. We discussed how university teaching can be organized so that it promotes relevant skills for the future. The following speakers participated in the online discussion:

  • Petra Biberhofer, PhD | Participatory Science Academy
  • PD Dr. Markus Christen | Digital Society Initative
  • Prof. Dr. Lorenz Hilty | Informatics and Sustainability Research
  • Dr. Stefan A. Keller | Center for University Teaching and Learning
  • Prof. Dr. Daniel Müller Nielaba | Studiendekan PhF
  • Patrycja Pialeszek | Innovation Hub
  • Michelle Scheuermeier | Center for University Teaching and Learning
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Thier | Kommission UZH Interdisziplinär
  • Moderation: Balthasar Eugster | Center for University Teaching and Learning

The closing event at 5 p.m. and the Apéro riche in the Lichthof, which traditionally ends the Teaching Day, unfortunately had to be cancelled this year due to the current corona protection measures. 

Dialogue on excellence in teaching

The University of Zurich holds its «Tag der Lehre» – a day dedicated to teaching – every year in the fall semester. The tradition was initiated in 2009 with the purpose of promoting dialogue between students and teachers, and encouraging them to reflect on their teaching and learning practices. The event is designed to enhance the attractiveness of the University of Zurich as an institution of higher learning by underscoring the value it places on excellence in teaching.