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Tag der Lehre

Tag der Lehre 2023

This year's Tag der Lehre will take place on Wednesday, November 1, 2023,  under the motto "inspire(d) minds". 

Program Overview:

  • from 9:30 Welcome with coffee and croissants in the Lichthof
  • Exhibition of innovative teaching projects from the UZH Teaching Fund (ULF)
  • Workshops for students, teaching staff, and study program responsibles
  • Keynote "Teaching across Disciplines" by Dr. Lucy Wenting, University of Amsterdam, followed by a networking lunch
  • Evening event honoring semester award winners and teaching certificate recipients
  • Evening Apéro in the Lichthof

The University of Zurich has been holding the Tag der Lehre annually since 2009, underlining the importance of good teaching for the attractiveness of the University of Zurich as a place to study.

We look forward to exciting discussions and inspiring encounters.


Program Tag der Lehre 2023

from 9:30

Welcome with coffee and croissants

no registration necessary

Lichthof, KOL

Experience innovative teaching
Are there actually AI applications besides ChatGPT and Large Language Models that are relevant to my discipline? Can virtual reality really add value to university teaching? Can educational videos prevent me from putting the kitchen underwater while practicing for my next hydrology lecture? Find out for yourself!
At the Showcase in the Lichthof Center, innovative projects that have received funding from the UZH Teaching Fund (ULF) invite you to interact and try them out.

no registration necessary

Lichthof, KOL

Workshop for teaching staff
Ideas Workshop Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning: Dealing with Heterogeneous Students
In this workshop, we will discuss interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching approaches, especially in dealing with heterogeneous student groups. The aim is to share and develop solution strategies for these specific challenges. The workshop is aimed at lecturers with interest or experience in interdisciplinary teaching.
Workshop language: German and English
Organizer: School for Transdisciplinary Studies



Workshop for teaching staff
AI: Good Practices at UZH
In this workshop, lecturers from different disciplines will give insight into different use scenarios of AI (esp. ChatGPT) in teaching. We discuss: What worked well? Where were there challenges? How did students deal with them?
This workshop is for anyone interested in being inspired in the use of AI in teaching. 
Workshop language: German and English
Organizer: Educational Development



Workshop for study program responsibles
How does AI affect teaching and examinations? 
The introduction of ChatGPT has brought AI into teaching at a rapid pace and presents us with many new challenges. After an introduction with concrete examples from study programs, we discuss: What influences does AI have on performance records and curriculum design and how do we deal with it?
Workshop language: German
Organizer: Educational Development



Workshop for students
AI for students: An introduction to large-language models and other AI tools 
This workshop is divided into two parts. In the first part, Janna Hastings will introduce generative AI models such as ChatGPT and their advantage over previous AI approaches. In the second part, Anna Véron and Nobutake Kamiya will talk about how to find literature using AI tools.
Workshop language: English
Organizer: University Library Zurich



Workshop for students
Teamwork on Digital Transformation Challenges
Students will get an insight into interdisciplinary teamwork on current challenges in the field of digital transformation in this workshop.
Workshop language: English
Organizer: Digital Society Initiative



Keynote by Dr. Lucy Wenting, University of Amsterdam
Teaching across disciplines
Lucy Wenting will present current interdisciplinary student projects at the University of Amsterdam and explain important skills and mindsets that are critical to the success of such projects and how they are applied in practice.
Lucy Wenting is director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Amsterdam.
Keynote language: English





Networking lunch
Use the networking lunch following the keynote for exchange, inspiration, and new contacts.


RAA Lichthof

Evening Event
Join us in celebrating the semester award winners and teaching certificate recipients. 
Note: Semester award winners and teaching certificate recipients will receive an individual invitation for themselves and their guests with a separate registration link.
Event language: German


KOL-G-201 (Aula)


Evening Apéro
Enjoy the traditional aperitif after the evening event to round off the Tag der Lehre.


Lichthof, KOL


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Educational Development
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