Tag der Lehre 2022

This year's Tag der Lehre will take place on Wednesday, 2 November 2022.



TdL 2022

Every examination is not only a hurdle to overcome, but is always also a personal feedback: The result of an examination shows the person's level of knowledge or ability compares to a given or targeted level of performance. It is also the formal conclusion of a learning process. Examinations must be "fair", i.e. they should be designed in such a way that they take appropriate account of test-theoretical quality criteria in the university context, reflect the subject context well, give students clear feedback on the state of their knowledge and - last but not least - are well embedded in the curriculum. Examinations and certificates of achievement are thus the centre of university teaching. At the same time, the usual examination process seems far away from didactic design and feedback that promotes learning.

The Tag der Lehre 2022 serves as an opportunity for all those involved and interested in teaching to exchange views on the following questions, for example:

  • What does fair testing means?
  • What didactic considerations are taken into account when designing the performance record?
  • How can examinations be made recourse-proof?
  • Is learning a side effect of examinations?
  • Outlook for the future: examination software Inspera
  • ...

We look forward to setting creative impulses together with you on the Tag der Lehre 2022 for the further development of teaching at UZH!

Dialogue on excellence in teaching

The University of Zurich holds its «Tag der Lehre» – a day dedicated to teaching – every year in the fall semester. The tradition was initiated in 2009 with the purpose of promoting dialogue between students and teachers, and encouraging them to reflect on their teaching and learning practices. The event is designed to enhance the attractiveness of the University of Zurich as an institution of higher learning by underscoring the value it places on excellence in teaching.