Tag der Lehre 2015

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Tag der Lehre 2015 will be the seventh time UZH has held the annual event to celebrate teaching. Taking the subject of the latest Teaching Award (in German) – motivation and the demanding art of motivating others – as its theme, the motto of this year’s Tag der Lehre is “Motivated!

Learning and teaching can’t be successful without motivation. However, it is not always easy to identify what constitutes motivation and what it depends on. Who is responsible for the motivation to learn: instructors or students? Isn’t motivation often mistaken for animation, which is certainly quite out of place in an academic setting? And anyway, can we not assume that university students should be motivated to learn per se? If so, isn’t it then more a case of sustaining and developing motivation? Because the processes of understanding and evaluating the term “motivation” are extremely complex and sometimes controversial, it is all the more necessary to have an in-depth and constructive discussion about what motivates people to learn and what makes teaching motivating.

During the day, various institutes, departments and clinics will offer events. Details on the program of the closing ceremony can be found here.

We are available at tagderlehre@lehre.uzh.ch to answer any questions you may have about the event.