Tag der Lehre 2013

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The University of Zurich held its fifth "Tag der Lehre" on 13 November 2013 under the motto "Eureka!". A major aspect of university-level studies is developing the ability to independently analyze a research question or theory. Eureka stands for: "I found it! I found the topic that fascinates me and inspires me to look for answers – on my own and with others." The basic hypothesis is that students will submit excellent work if their questions and curiosity are first elicited and encouraged, then discussed and supported. Put succinctly: Good teaching brings about good results.

As a part of the event's closing ceremony, a winner of a semester award explained how they discovered their research topic. And, after a busy day celebrating good teaching, the President of UZH officially presented the winners of the semester prizes and congratulated them on their excellent work.